Why You Need to Contact an Injury Lawyer ASAP

There was a recent story in the newspaper about a young boy who was involved in a serious car accident. It appears that this young boy was riding his bike while doing his Saturday morning paper route. The young boy did this every Saturday morning for the last 3 years as a way to earn money to go on a vacation with his family to Disney World.

One morning, the young boy was riding alongside the road when he was hit by a vehicle traveling in the same direction. Apparently, the man driving the vehicle was trying to text message to his wife at the same time. Unfortunately, he was not paying attention to the road and he started to veer towards the curb and before he noticed, he hit the young boy.

The young paperboy was rushed to the closest hospital where he underwent life-threatening surgery. His parents were informed and his mother immediately came to the hospital. His father was out of the country working as a Captain of a cruise ship. The boy was unconscious and did not wake up from the surgery until the next day.

The doctor told the boy’s mother that he had broken his leg and arm, suffered kidney damage and was in a temporary coma from a serious concussion. He also had a variety of other minor and major issues. However, since the young boy was strong and healthy, the doctor stated that he expected a full recovery. Nevertheless, it would take time, medical treatment, and a lot of rehabilitation.

Later that afternoon a representative from the man’s insurance company came into the hospital room. He seemed to be genuinely concerned and empathetic as he told the boy’s mother that he was so sorry that the accident had occurred. He also told the mother that she would be responsible for all medical, surgical, and hospitalization costs. It could cost you tens of thousands, he told her.

He then offered her a settlement to help her with any future costs. Sadly, the mother was distraught and she decided to take the offer. What made this situation even more tragic was the fact that the amount of money offered by the insurance company was nowhere near enough to cover all future medical costs. If only the mother would have talked to a reputable and qualified injury lawyer before she decided to take the offer. If she had, everything would have turned out financially well for the young boy and his family.

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