bookmark_borderWhen to Call Your Lawyer After a Vehicle Collision

Nobody desires to get into an accident or is ready for a collision when one occurs. In the United States alone, over 30,000 people die from car collisions each year. Of course, that doesn’t count the 2 million individuals who annually suffer injuries from wrecks. Many of these people end up requiring a vehicle collision lawyer.

Even if you are not suing another person responsible for the car accident, you may require the help of an attorney to receive the funds you need from your insurance company. But it helps to know just when you should give your lawyer a call. In this article, we will discuss the situations that warrant a call to your lawyer after a vehicle collision.

  1. Serious Injury

After the car accident, did you or anyone in your vehicle suffer broken bones, injuries that may cause permanent physical problems, or hospitalization? If so, this is a time when you should contact an attorney.

  1. Death

If an individual involved in the collision died as a result of the crash, contact a lawyer immediately. Falk & Falk says this is recommended whether the deceased person was a passenger to your vehicle or of the opposing car in the wreck.

  1. Fault

When it’s clear which party to the collision is at fault, it is a good idea to seek legal guidance.

  1. Inaccurate Police Report

If the police report has been made using inaccurate information, this can negatively impact the outcome of your claim. For example, if the report states you at fault when this is not the case, you will need the help of an attorney to aid you in fighting the case.

  1. Insurance Problems

If a vehicle involved in the collision was not insured, or if you did not pay your premium/limits of insurance are too low, call an attorney to help.

  1. Other Attorneys are Involved

Should anyone else involved in the car accident call an attorney, you do not want to face the case without a lawyer of your own.

  1. Additional Parties

In the instance of other involved persons, such as those in another vehicle or even pedestrians, it is a good idea to seek out legal counsel.

Of course, other circumstances would be better handled with the help of an attorney. These include times when you are not sure of your rights, stuck in negotiations with your insurance company, and when you are not sure of the good faith of your insurance company.

bookmark_borderMotor Vehicle Rules For Bike Lanes

It’s important to understand that a bike is considered to be a vehicle motor, or not. That being said, it’s important that motorized vehicles stay out of bike lanes. These are two different types of transportation and they don’t go at the same speed or work in the same fashion. Today, more than ever, more areas are designing bike lanes to help improve the flow of traffic.

At no time, other than to make a right-hand turn, are motorized vehicles allowed to be in a bike lane. Many people mistakenly think that since the lane is there, they can pass another vehicle on the left. This is a very dangerous practice and, it’s against the law.

There are different ways that a bike lane will designate an intersection depending on where you’re located. Some will have dotted lines, others will retain the solid white line that designates a bike lane, and others will stop several feet from the intersection and then start up again after the intersection.

According to the letter of the law, motorized vehicles are to make their right-hand turns from as close to the curb as possible, however, this can present a huge challenge when there is a bike lane and many motorists are failing to check over their right shoulder to ensure that there aren’t any bicyclists coming.

Regardless, it’s up to the motorized vehicle to know where the bike is at and to maintain proper safety procedures at all times. It’s easy to assume that the motorized vehicle has the right-of-way, however, this isn’t the case. Just as a four-way stop works by having the driver on the right go first, the bike has the right-of-way.

Unfortunately, not all motorists understand this so it’s often up to the bicyclist to ensure their safety by keeping an eye on the motorized vehicles. There have been many recorded accidents where a motorized car has turned in front of a bicyclist and caused a serious accident.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s wise to regard all traffic as you would like them to regard you. Common respect and courtesy dictate that you use caution at all times when making a right-hand turn and there is a bike lane. If there is a bicyclist coming, stop with a turn signal on and wait for them to pass unless it is safe to pass before they arrive at the intersection.

Safety rules and guidelines should be followed at all times when driving a motorized vehicle.

bookmark_borderWhat Are the Benefits of Finding a Good Lawyer?

A lawyer is an indispensable source of information, moral support and help when disaster strikes. It’s unfortunate that some lawyers aren’t in the business to help, but rather, to make money. You need a lawyer that’s well-versed in your subject matter and can offer unbiased objective advice every step of the way. Why should you hire a good lawyer versus one that’s just okay?

Solid Understanding Of The Law

Whether you’ve been in a car accident or you caused one, having a good lawyer on your side is the difference between a favorable and unfavorable outcome. Your lawyer will understand every aspect of the law and can help explain what your options are. You need someone to give you the details in layman’s terms as the law often leaves people confused and overwhelmed.

Never Get Tricked!

When you face criminal charges or you were the victim of a crime, you need to know that you’re on a level playing field. There’s no reason for you to feel that you’ll get tricked into settling when you don’t feel that the terms meet your personal requirements. A good lawyer will always stand with you in your corner to ensure you get everything you deserve and have adequate protection.

Get Emotional Support, Too

Whenever you need to drudge up the past and talk about an incident that took place, you will feel emotionally drained. It’s understandable that you feel tired and have trouble focusing, which is why your lawyer can offer not only technical support but emotional support when you need it. Knowing that you have a good guy on your side makes you more apt to accomplish something good.

Understand What’s Happening To You

There are always consequences associated with going to court and pleading a certain way. It’s hard to understand all the legal jargon found in the paperwork that you need to file. What better way to delegate tasks than to a good lawyer? Your representation will not only explain the legal jargon but help you understand the different potential outcomes associated with any given situation.

There’s nothing more reliable than a good lawyer who is on your side. When faced with the full extent of the law, many people make poor choices or crack under pressure. Don’t back yourself into a corner or settle for less than you deserve! Your lawyer is there to fight for you every step of the way.

bookmark_borderWhy You Need to Contact an Injury Lawyer ASAP

There was a recent story in the newspaper about a young boy who was involved in a serious car accident. It appears that this young boy was riding his bike while doing his Saturday morning paper route. The young boy did this every Saturday morning for the last 3 years as a way to earn money to go on a vacation with his family to Disney World.

One morning, the young boy was riding alongside the road when he was hit by a vehicle traveling in the same direction. Apparently, the man driving the vehicle was trying to text message to his wife at the same time. Unfortunately, he was not paying attention to the road and he started to veer towards the curb and before he noticed, he hit the young boy.

The young paperboy was rushed to the closest hospital where he underwent life-threatening surgery. His parents were informed and his mother immediately came to the hospital. His father was out of the country working as a Captain of a cruise ship. The boy was unconscious and did not wake up from the surgery until the next day.

The doctor told the boy’s mother that he had broken his leg and arm, suffered kidney damage and was in a temporary coma from a serious concussion. He also had a variety of other minor and major issues. However, since the young boy was strong and healthy, the doctor stated that he expected a full recovery. Nevertheless, it would take time, medical treatment, and a lot of rehabilitation.

Later that afternoon a representative from the man’s insurance company came into the hospital room. He seemed to be genuinely concerned and empathetic as he told the boy’s mother that he was so sorry that the accident had occurred. He also told the mother that she would be responsible for all medical, surgical, and hospitalization costs. It could cost you tens of thousands, he told her.

He then offered her a settlement to help her with any future costs. Sadly, the mother was distraught and she decided to take the offer. What made this situation even more tragic was the fact that the amount of money offered by the insurance company was nowhere near enough to cover all future medical costs. If only the mother would have talked to a reputable and qualified injury lawyer before she decided to take the offer. If she had, everything would have turned out financially well for the young boy and his family.